Wunderbar Cultural Projects / How wonderful!

A creative work for the service of cultural projects

Wunderbar Company: design and development of innovative projects for art and the enterprise of culture

Wunderbar Lab: creation and management of creativity workshops for children and adults

Wunderbar Atelier: a shared exchange and workspace for artists, makers and creatives

Wunderbar Book: publishing projects for printing and alternative graphics

Wunderbar EU: mobile, open to internationalization and looking for partnership for development projects to be implemented around Europe

Wunderbar Sustainability: meetings, activities and laboratories for reasearch on the new sustainability and “green culture”

Wunderbar urban: redevelopment projects through culture and narrative paths to re-discover our cities

Wunderbar Edu: an open and shared space of research and training through a network of connections with other organizations and new partners in the world of art, culture and education

Wunderbar / Wonderful, an adjective to decline in its many forms.
To wonder and be surprised, to find something extraordinary in everyday experiences.