Coppedè Jewels Tour

Animalier chic!

Coppedè architecture, the fantastic world of plants and animals built up by Gino Coppedè mindset, meets handcraft jewelry tradition, in a very short path in the magic Coppedè district, in the north of Rome.

Tour Time Schedule

16:00 pm – 18:00 pm

Tour Guide: Laura Galloppo

Communication specialist, project manager culturale


Wonder and astonishment, to get ready to absorb Coppedè’s beauty


The tour will take place in the remarkable Coppedè area, set in Trieste district between piazza Buenos Aires and via Tagliamento. During the first part of the tour I will welcome you to this bizarre area and introduce you to its origin and history. Coppedè is a hidden gem hardly known by Romans, too. I will then lead you to a special jewelry boutique, where you may know and experience a long lasting handcraft family tradition, design and passion.

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I will guide you into the magic Coppedè district, in the north of Rome. This area, brainchild of Florentine architect Gino Coppedè (built 1913-1927), is a mix of historic styles such as Art Nouveau, Medieval, Baroque and Ancient Greek combined together to create a unique, brand new style.Visiting Coppedè is walking in a dreamland, where history meets legend. Its main inspiration comes from nature, so be ready to meet bees, spiders, frogs and other animals during our tour. As you will experience, it is quite easy to establish a strong connection between these architectural elements and symbolic animals largely used in the jewelry history.

Coppedè Jewels Tour

Animalier chic!



Laura Galloppo

Laura Galloppo

Laura Galloppo, Communication specialist and cultural project manager

Et voilà! "My name is Laura Galloppo, Communication specialist and cultural project manager with professional experience in Italy and abroad. Formerly jewelry boutique manager in Padua historic center, I come from Naples but someone would say I am French (talk to me and you will understand why ;). Curious and unstoppable, I love to transform ideas into projects. My happiness is watching my followers getting astonished as they discover new places and experiences. Their final comments show this happens quite often! Ready to start?"


Entrance of Coppedè - Arcone Monumentale on Via Tagliamento, District: Trieste, Rome

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